Philadelphia fans are the worst because… because.

If you ask me I don’t believe there is anything better than watching your favorite teams live in person. You jam a car filled up with all your friends, grab a six-pack, some dogs and burgers and grill before. It sets the perfect tone and gets your mind off of everything in “the real world”. For that time nothing else matters but what you’re doing right then and there.

Everything is going soooo great and its almost like nothing can go wrong. Well that’s until Joe Schmoe comes along and didn’t like the fact that you didn’t get potato rolls for the hot dog you gave him. Not only is Joe Schmoe mad you didn’t purchase potato rolls but now he’s angry you didn’t give him a beer. Joe Schmoe is about ready to throw down over his God damn potato rolls and free lager. The thing is Joe Schmoe is everywhere.

As a Philadelphia fan its to the point where it cracks me up whenever I hear “That’s Philadelphia for you!”. It cracks me up because obviously all this stuff that happens only happens in Philly, not anywhere else. Here are some of my favorites of all time.

  • We threw snowballs at Santa.
  • We Booed Donovan McNabb.
  • When Michael Irvin got cart off the field due to a serious injury which was eventually the end of his career.
  • We beat up a New York Ranger’s fan at Genos for being a New York Rangers fan.
  • They had use a taser on that kid who ran onto the field.

Only in Philadelphia does ALL of this stuff happen.

It made me think of it today when I watched a video of a Boston Red Sox fan get kicked in the face, trip backwards, and fall 3 rows to the ground. Watch video below. (Is it wrong that I laughed afterwards?) When I watched it my first thought was thank God it wasnt in Philadelphia, because we would never hear the end of this viral video. Then my second thought was THIS IS BULL SHIT! if it was Philadelphia we wouldn’t hear the end of it!

Shit get’s real at the 1:15 mark.

The fact is shit happens everywhere. You really could make a book of the terrible things that happen at ball parks or stadiums, just ask Brian Stow. If you don’t know the name, google him im sure you have heard the story. It is unfortunate but the sad truth is it doesn’t matter what city you’re in shit could hit the fan, even at a Charlotte Bobcats game and they only get 100 fans in that stadium all rooting for the other team.

Philadelphia is loud, passionate and has a bad track record. We all know the stupid shit our fans have done. I get it, Santa loves kids. The fact is anywhere you go fans will boo when they arent happy about something, fans will make terrible alcohol driven decisions and fans will be loud and passionate. If you’re trying to prevent any of these things from happening to you just make sure you get the God damn potatoe rolls and nobody gets hurt.


Danny B is a boss, Martin Brodeur is a Vampire.

In case you didn’t know Danny Briere is a fucking BOSS. To start round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Briere finished game 1 with 2 goals as the Flyers went on to beat the New Jersey Devils 4-3 in OT. With those 2 goals in today’s game it makes it Brieres 7th goal of the Playoffs. Other then the Flyers grabbing the Devils by the balls today to take a 1-0 series advantage there was really only 1 other thing worth noting. How the fuck is Martin Brodeur still a goalie in the NHL. I’m convinced Martin Brodeur is either…

  1. A zombie
  2. A vampire
  3. Brett Favres long-lost twin

Let’s see if the Flyers can continue to bring some #JAM and take game 2 on Tuesday at 7:30PM ET.

Derrick Rose tears ACL, out for rest of playoffs.

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 103-91 this afternoon. The Bulls lead the whole way and just ran away with it the 4th quarter. During this game the Chicago Bulls PG and reigning MVP Derrik Rose suffered a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the NBA Playoffs. While this is devistating for the Chicago Bulls it makes you wonder what kind of impact it will have with the remainder of the Playoffs. The Bulls played well without Rose while he was out during the regular season and proved they could win without him, but it makes you wonder how deep they can make it now. Let’s see how the 76ers can respond come game 2 with the Bulls missing their MVP.

Sixers play Bulls round 1 of the NBA Playoffs.

Well its final. YOUR Philadelphia 76ers get the honor of facing the Chicago Bulls round 1 of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Another average season from our average team that is just content with making the Playoffs. Right now, I’m offering 1,000,000 to 1 Odds on the Sixers in this series. Hit me up, im taking bets. It will be fun rooting for them to win 1 game in the series and I do feel they have a better shot of stealing one from the Bulls rather than the Heat. At the end of the day we all know there’s no way the Sixers can take this series, but the Philadelphia Fan in me will watch and hope. Below is the schedule, im posting all 7 games but I wouldn’t look past game 5 if I were you.

  1. Sat. April 28th 1:00PM ET @ CHI
  2. Tue. May 1st 8:00PM ET @ CHI
  3. Fri. May 4th 8:00PM ET @ PHI
  4. Sun. May 6th 1:00PM ET @ PHI
  5. Tue. May 8th TBD @ CHI*
  6. Thur. May 10th TBD @ PHI*
  7. Sat. May 12th TBD @ CHI*

NOTE: * If necessary,

I’m immature, and I love Cox.

I realized this as soon as the Eagles drafted Feltcher Cox, But I just can’t help but to be excited about hearing Merrill Reese use the word Cox for hopefully the next 10 years. Personally its hard for me to listen to an Eagles game without Merrill on. With his passion for the eagles and the way he screams about big plays I look forward to his Cox comments, especially against players all of us Eagle fans learned to hate over the years.

Cox just smothered Romo blasting through the middle, that was a DANDY.

Cox has been penetrating through the Ginas (Giants) line  all day.

Cox absolutely leveled Eli on that head to head collision.

Cox is really having his way with New York right now.

Cox lays the wood on Romo.

And so on and so on. You get the picture. These were pretty lame examples but I know there’s better ones out there and I want to hear them. Now I just can’t wait for the season to start so I can hear Merrill use the name Cox…

haha he said Cox.

Eagles trade up to pick 12, draft Fletcher Cox.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded their 15th pick to the Seattle Seahawks for their 12th overall pick. Philadelphia gave up their 15th overall, a 4th and 6th round pick to move up.

First off, I just want to thank the Kansas City Chiefs for drafting Dontari Poe (who was just a combine hero and had below average film out there in a below average conference) and leaving the best overall DT on the board for the Birds. With that 12th overall pick the Eagles drafted Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State. Fletcher Cox is an animal who produced in the most dominant conference in college, the SEC. Fletcher Cox adds depth the Eagles defensive line and is absolutely a player to be excited about. This isn’t like the pick where we traded up to take Brandon Graham, and had a lot of us asking questions. Fletcher Cox was the right pick. I see him being an impacted and causing havoc right away. Andy, your next cheesesteak is on me.

Phillies struggle early out West, finish strong.

The Philadelphia Phillies opened up their West Coast trip in San Fran while wrapping it up yesterday afternoon in Arizona. The Phillies lost the series to San Fran 2-1. They split the series with probably the only other team that has a worse offense then us right now in the San Diego Padres 2-2. Thank God they went to Arizona to finish up the series where their bats came to life and won it 2-1.

To start the West Coast swing the Phillies offense had a terrible case of whiskey dick. It’s hard to imagine with sluggers such as Laynce Nix, Ty Wigginton and Freddy Galvis in their line-up that they would struggle at the plate. Luckily the final 2 games in Arizona the Phillies decided to take a heavy dose of Viagra and all of a sudden the whiskey dick went away. The Phillies finished their last 2 games with a total of 25 hits and 15 runs. It will be a nice change of scenery once Pence, Polanco, Rollins and Victorino get their shit together and the Phillies finally start hitting. Tomorrow they start their 4 game series out in Chicago against the Cubs.