The right thing said by the wrong person.

After last nights sorry excuse for a basketball game, the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics 101-85. The 76ers had the lead pretty much all through out the first half. Then, just like what we have seen in recent games, they blew the lead. With this team it’s like clock work. They don’t have the guy to go to when shit needs to get done. They have their 4 scorers who on any given night could drop 20 but God knows who it will be before tip-off. Anyways, let’s get down to business.

After last night’s game reports came out saying that Elton Brand, yes Old Man Brand, As he walked to his post game interview, Elton Brand told the Celtics ball boys in the hallway outside the locker rooms ”See you on Saturday.” I love this. I love everything about this. Everything except the fact it was said by Elton Brand. If Evan Turner or Iggy said this I would be hype. The fact that Elton Brand said it makes me shake my head. He finally shows up for a game and decides it’s an appropriate time to say this? I want that swag in my young guns, not my 33-year-old 13 year vet. I like that he’s fired up and I hope that we do see them Saturday. I’m glad someone said something and is fired up. I’m just bitter it was Brand who said it rather than Turner, the guy I want to be vocal and smack talking. Maybe im out of line and should just be happy any Sixer said something. I just want to see and hear more out of our young players, our future, not the guy we cant wait to get rid of to free up cap space.


7 Responses to The right thing said by the wrong person.

  1. Chris Murray says:

    i think your seeing this the wrong way my man, i think he is keeping his head cased younger players motivated, not to mention KG calling philly fans fair weather today

  2. I hear ya, but I do know. All I’m saying is I want my young guys stepping up and saying this stuff because it means more to me as a Philly fan. It’s like when Bart Scott famously said his “can’t wait” rant…. would the Cant wait rant even mean anything if it was anyone other than Bart Scott? Only Scott could have said that and sound as raw as he did. Elton, a Dukie who are notoriously not raw saying this makes me mad that someone like Evan Turner, a Buckeye young gun could have stepped up and grabbed his balls. Now it’s not that I don’t like this being said, and I love it actually. I just really wished it was someone other than Brand. If that makes anymore sense. And as for KG, all fans are fair weathered. ALL fans are. Every team has their die hards but 70% that fill a stadium are fair weathered.

  3. Lemmewinks says:

    It wouldn’t be appropriate for Turner to say anything, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Let the vets, the one’s with experience, whether they had a good game or not, do the talking. Think about Vucevic if he was playing regularly, stepping up and saying something, it would be awkward and not his place. Good for Elton, good for a stud to step up and hopefully help him step up his game. Go Sixers!

    • Matt, your notoriously a Turner hater! Im not saying that im not mad about it being said by Brand, but I just wish it was Turner. To compare Vucevic to Turner is an outrage! Turner is our future! When Brand and Iggy are gone HE is the leader! I just wanted it to be Turners turn to speak up and say it. Up his swag a little. Brand saying it is fine and all, im just bitter it was him and not Turner.

  4. mattyr says:

    he was talking smack to a ball boy, grow a set and give the business to KG on the court………Brand get in a fight with KG and both get kicked out, we win that exchange

  5. mattyr says:

    kinda, i c both sides…some people may say do something b4 opening your mouth but i like it cuz smack talking gets players goin

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