A New Nightmare

Author: Sean Ryan a.k.a. Listen Up (friend of Joe Good’s)

Hello All,

This is the very first time I’ve written a blog but surely not the first time I’ve written anything.  No, I’m not new to this.  In fact, writing is my expertise along with many other crafts such as superior knowledge of ALL sports ranging from leagues as simple as the MGA (Mini Golfers Association), NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB in no particular order and as extreme as the HSA (Hacky Sacking Association…their 33rd annual world foot bag competition will be held on July 29th to August 4th in Warsaw Poland…ok I lied I knew nothing about it I just googled hacky sack world championships 2012 and that’s the first thing that came up…funny thing about the search was the fourth article down read…”World champion hacky sack player accused of sexually assaulting…” and the three dots at the end where the headline leaves off is perfect as you’re now wondering about the story and thinking to yourself…”Damn even hacky sack players are assaulting chicks”…only problem with that is…they don’t have the money like Kobe to go buy a 4 million dollar ring made of precious rare gems to give to their wife when they find out about it and it doesn’t work when they say to them…”Sorry hunny…I messed up…I bought this for you to show you how much I love you and I’m sorry”…instead they’re just screwed and divorced…maybe lose half their hacky sacks…meanwhile I’m thinking…”damn…that’s gotta go down in the record books under the category of…”The Most Expensive Make Up Gift Ever Purchased In The History Of Pro Athletes Assaulting Other Chicks Behind Their Wives Backs”…right then I remember though and think to myself…”nevermind…forgot all about Tiger…clearly he is the winner as no one donates that much money to one person and doesn’t receive affection or love in return…impossible…hopefully Big Ben can learn a lesson from all these misfortunes because the third time could be the charm for him and he could climb in the record books…still ain’t getting close to Tiger no matter what he does…besides Tiger’s was a different kind of assault he never really beat his women he was just a lover not a fighter with plenty of consent from his ladies”…wow what a thought to myself huh, haha.  Yah…that’s me laughing out loud…lol…LOL.  You might be thinking…”why is he writing like this…he can’t write like this no one would want to read it or take it seriously just looking at it”?…but I can because I want to this is just my freestyle write.  I’m about to start writing all that grammar and proper writing crap that takes longer to write right now so Listen Up one last thing.  That’s why I like to call myself  “Listen Up”  because I like to say…”Listen Up”.  If you see  “Listen Up”  you’ll know it’s me.  On that note…Listen Up…

It’s 12:45AM and I’m still up thinking about the Flyers loss tonight and how it compares to the newest Nightmare on Elm Street movie…”A New Nightmare”.  Both the movie and the hockey series are horrible to watch and at times I think about turning them off.  Freddy Krueger reminds me of Marty Brodeur as he will never die he just keeps going.  In “A New Nightmare” there is a new set of characters based around Krueger but he still remains similar to the Devils who have a new set of players but Brodeur remains.  He haunts me.  The Flyers have only had 300 different goalies while Krueger has been in goal but he’s still there…guarding the fire place…I mean net.  At least the new set of characters doesn’t include one of the old ones…Scott Stevens.  Maybe there still could be hope to beat Krueger and climb out of the 3-1 deficit but we all know that Freddy never dies and he just keeps coming back.  I’m sick of watching the new movies where Krueger somehow always manages to come back and the Devils where Kreuger somehow manages to come back.    Listen up Flyers…we know we’re never going to kill Krueger we just need to beat him during this movie in three games…then they’ll come out with another movie next season that we won’t want to watch where Krueger…I mean Brodeur…will be back again.  It’s like a reoccurring nightmare…A New Nightmare… that just never seems to end.


Going for the Philly Trifecta.

The big news is the Philadelphia 76ers won game 4 of the 1st round in the NBA Playoffs taking a 3-1 lead in the series. Now is the time for all you bandwagon fans to jump on. Assuming the Sixers win this series (which of course is not guaranteed at all) they would move on and play the winner of the Atlanta Hawk and Boston Celtics match up. Let’s get past the Bulls first, then we can hope for the over achieving Hawks rather than the aging Boston Celtics. Big win for the Sixers!

Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers go up against the New Jersey Devils in-game 4 of the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Devils lead this series 2-1 so tonight’s game is imperative for the Flyers. Let’s hope that the Flyers remember how to shoot the god damn puck tonight. The Flyers really need their leaders to step up here. Look for Claude Giroux and Danny Briere to really step up and lets hope that Scott Hartnell comes up big tonight. It would be great to see Hartnell play like he has all tonight where we really need him. The Flyers know how to respond to adversity, lets see what tonight’s game brings.

Finally, the Philadelphia Phillies are playing the Washington Nationals tonight on ESPN for the Sunday Night Baseball. Not really anything else to say here. Thank god Cole Hamels is on the mound because the Phillies still can’t hit. I see the bats coming to life tonight though. They have to. right?

Sixers already got it done and is leading the way to make today a great day for Philly sports. Let’s see if your Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Phillies can pull it off and make today a great day for all Philly fans.

We have Flyers action yo.

Phillies can’t hit.

Sixers need 5 more injuries from the Bulls.

The Flyers are it. Get Flyered up for tonight’s game. It’s exciting to have the Flyers to fall back on when your other teams are stinking it up. Lets get win 2 tonight Fly Guys. I’m calling for 4 Doops tonight. Briere is on a tear and Grioux is an playing like Charlie Conway.

Philadelphia fans are the worst because… because.

If you ask me I don’t believe there is anything better than watching your favorite teams live in person. You jam a car filled up with all your friends, grab a six-pack, some dogs and burgers and grill before. It sets the perfect tone and gets your mind off of everything in “the real world”. For that time nothing else matters but what you’re doing right then and there.

Everything is going soooo great and its almost like nothing can go wrong. Well that’s until Joe Schmoe comes along and didn’t like the fact that you didn’t get potato rolls for the hot dog you gave him. Not only is Joe Schmoe mad you didn’t purchase potato rolls but now he’s angry you didn’t give him a beer. Joe Schmoe is about ready to throw down over his God damn potato rolls and free lager. The thing is Joe Schmoe is everywhere.

As a Philadelphia fan its to the point where it cracks me up whenever I hear “That’s Philadelphia for you!”. It cracks me up because obviously all this stuff that happens only happens in Philly, not anywhere else. Here are some of my favorites of all time.

  • We threw snowballs at Santa.
  • We Booed Donovan McNabb.
  • When Michael Irvin got cart off the field due to a serious injury which was eventually the end of his career.
  • We beat up a New York Ranger’s fan at Genos for being a New York Rangers fan.
  • They had use a taser on that kid who ran onto the field.

Only in Philadelphia does ALL of this stuff happen.

It made me think of it today when I watched a video of a Boston Red Sox fan get kicked in the face, trip backwards, and fall 3 rows to the ground. Watch video below. (Is it wrong that I laughed afterwards?) When I watched it my first thought was thank God it wasnt in Philadelphia, because we would never hear the end of this viral video. Then my second thought was THIS IS BULL SHIT! if it was Philadelphia we wouldn’t hear the end of it!

Shit get’s real at the 1:15 mark.

The fact is shit happens everywhere. You really could make a book of the terrible things that happen at ball parks or stadiums, just ask Brian Stow. If you don’t know the name, google him im sure you have heard the story. It is unfortunate but the sad truth is it doesn’t matter what city you’re in shit could hit the fan, even at a Charlotte Bobcats game and they only get 100 fans in that stadium all rooting for the other team.

Philadelphia is loud, passionate and has a bad track record. We all know the stupid shit our fans have done. I get it, Santa loves kids. The fact is anywhere you go fans will boo when they arent happy about something, fans will make terrible alcohol driven decisions and fans will be loud and passionate. If you’re trying to prevent any of these things from happening to you just make sure you get the God damn potatoe rolls and nobody gets hurt.

Danny B is a boss, Martin Brodeur is a Vampire.

In case you didn’t know Danny Briere is a fucking BOSS. To start round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Briere finished game 1 with 2 goals as the Flyers went on to beat the New Jersey Devils 4-3 in OT. With those 2 goals in today’s game it makes it Brieres 7th goal of the Playoffs. Other then the Flyers grabbing the Devils by the balls today to take a 1-0 series advantage there was really only 1 other thing worth noting. How the fuck is Martin Brodeur still a goalie in the NHL. I’m convinced Martin Brodeur is either…

  1. A zombie
  2. A vampire
  3. Brett Favres long-lost twin

Let’s see if the Flyers can continue to bring some #JAM and take game 2 on Tuesday at 7:30PM ET.

Flyers advance

Pure fucking dominance. That’s the only way I can describe game 6. After a bunch of horrible defensive games and 2 straight losses the Flyers came out and laid the pipe on the Penguins 5-1 winning the series 4-2 in Philadelphia.

Claude Giroux showed up again today scoring a goal and recording 2 assist, which brings Girouxs total this series to 6 goals and 8 assist. Also, he absolutely rocked Crosby which needs a stat category of its own. Fuck Crosby.

Ilya Bryzgalov had his best performance of the playoffs only giving up 1 goal on 31 attempts. Hopefully Bryzgalov can roll this over to the next series and bring that Goals Against Average down.

If you’re a Flyers fan there are a few reasons to be excited. You just beat the odds-on favorite to win the Stanley Cup, according to Vegas. The Washington Capitals are tied in their series 3-3 against the Boston Bruins. The Ottawa Senators are up in the series 3-2 against the New York Rangers, who we all know the Flyers don’t want to see. While all this is going on you’re at home resting and getting ready for round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If Ottawa does pull this series win out of their ass I’m confident that the Philadelphia Flyers could do some damage in the east.

Fleury looks like Fleury, Flyers cross their fingers for game 6.

In yesterday’s game 5 hockey action the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in a normal scoring game finally 3-2. The Penguins seemed to dominate the entire game and the Flyers looked slow and timid for 2.5 periods. Marc-Andre Fleury showed up again last night saving 24 of 26 shots on goal. That’s huge improvement after giving up 20 of his first 105 shots on goal to start the series. It’s hard not to notice Fleurys confidence sky rocketing in the last 5 periods of play which is terrible news for the Flyers. Ilya Bryzgalov looked better in net but still looked slow to me. Between Bryzgalovs foot fracture and rumors of a hip injury, it’s hard not to notice the affect it’s having on him. Another issue with the Flyers is they can’t score a damn goal at even strength. The last even strength goal the Flyers scored was 17:14 into the third period of Game 3. While there is no doubts the Flyers have been the best in the league in their Power Play Goals during the playoffs, it’s the only time they know how to put the puck in net. The series is still in the Flyers favor only needing to win 1 of 2 games left, but if you’re not scared as a Flyer fan then I don’t know what you’ve been watching these last 2 games.

With the Flyers still leading the series 3-2 and the next game coming back to Philadelphia, Sunday set for 12:00PM, it’s hard not to think this next game is must win for the Flyers.