Sixers take game 2 in Beantown. Garnett thinks hes a Linebacker.

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Boston Celtics 82-81. It wasnt pretty. Actually the game was hideous, but YOUR Philadelphia 76ers pulled it off. They showed me they can finish games unlike what they showed in-game 1 of the series. This win ties the series at 1-1. Makes you wish you had game 1 back, but how terrible we played in that game and then took game 2 I know the Celtics are nervous. The 2 plays that stick out in my mind that turned out to be crucial were Lavoy Allens banker and Evan Turners crazy lay-up. Both shots took place in the 4th quarter when points were needed the most. The Sixers only won by 1 point, what helped them out big time was hitting their free-throws at the end of the game. Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks nailed all of their free-throws, going 6-6 in the remaining 12 seconds of play in the game. (See picture of final 12 seconds of scoring.)

The most controversial call of the game was the Kevin Garnett offensive foul on what would have been the last possession of the game. KG, trying to set a pick looked more like he was shedding a block like a linebacker. (See illegal screen here) The only reason this was controversial is because of the timing of the foul. If this play was a no call and the Celtics hit that bucket and won in overtime you would be hearing Sixer fans bitching about the no call. The refs are put in a catch 22 situation, damned if you do damned if you don’t. They got the call right but from a lot of the former players your hearing them say “Let them play”. When Boston’s head coach Doc Rivers was asked what he thought of the call he was quoted saying “I wasnt fond of it.”. No shit Doc.

Series tied at 1 game a piece. Next 2 games are in Philadelphia. Boston is old and has no legs. Philadelphia can run, lets just hope they can finish. Show your luv Philadelphia. Passionate. Intense. Proud. Your Philadelphia 76ers are here and their not going anywhere.


Gotta take game 2 in Beantown.

Tonight game 2 is set to take way at 7:00PM. In game 1 it was clear the Sixers didn’t have a closer. Blowing a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter it was obvious they didn’t know how to handle the situation. Let’s see if they can learn from game 1 and take game 2. Gotta take game 2, you don’t wanna head into game 3 in Philadelphia down 2-0. Operation Stop Rondo is in full effect. No more tripple-doubles! Let’s GO!

Andre Iguodala went balls deep in Chicago.

The Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Chicago Bulls tonight 79-78. Really what I mean to say is Andre Iguodala defeated the Chicago Bulls tonight. Right now Iguodala and his ugly ass tattoos became a man tonight. He hit clutch shots when we needed him. He made free throws which he can never do. With Iggy being the only offense all night he got the ball with 7 seconds remaining down by 1. With Andre gripping the ball and driving to the hole he drew the foul. Picture this, Down 1 with 2 seconds left in the 4th quarter of a series deciding game. That’s the kind of shit you do in your driveway as a kid and pretend to be the hero. Andre was the Hero drilling both foul shots which gave the 76ers the lead and the win. Andre Iguodala grew a set today. He became a man.

NOTE: I’m still high off this victory, expect more hate comments on Andre once he thinks he can do everything himself for the next round. Expect the 0-5 on 3 point attempts and 2-9 on free throw attempts. Just enjoy tonight while you can Philly. Soak it up, bask it in. Philly advances.

More then likely, Pat Burrelled your girl.


The man, the myth the legend. Pat the Bat Burrell will return to Philadelphia to retire as a Phillie on Saturday May 19th. There has been many wise tales about Pat Burrell roaming the streets late at night laying the wood on young beautiful women. I came across this video today and I just want to say thank you to This is pure gold. To all you ladies out there, “How’s it feel to fuck Pat Burrell”. Men, keep your women close to you at all times. Their Vajayjay depends on it.

Eli Manning fits in perfect in New York now, turns out hes a tranny.

Holy fuck. I knew it! Eli Manning is a god damn tranny.

Ok, really he was on SNL March 5th and just so happened to look a little to comfortable dressed like a women. Eli im sorry you don’t fit in  the category of the famous ones who pulled off dressing like a women. You Fit in the category of men who just like dressing like women.

People who pulled off dressing like women.

  1. Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire
  2. Martin Lawrence – Big Mammas House
  3. Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future 2
  4. Eddie Murphy – Every Movie…

People who didn’t pull it off and just looked like a Tranny.

  1. Tyler Perry – Madea goes “wherever it is at the time she went”
  2. John Travolta – Hair Spray
  3. Adam Sandler – Jack and Jill
  4. Eli Manning – SNL

So congratulations, you won a super bowl and now wear women underwear. Also, we found out not only is your big brother a better QB then you but also he is 10x better at SNL then you. Maybe this is just me being an angry Eagles fan writing this. I thought about it and realized your just a Tranny. A tranny who plays for the Giants. Enjoy New York. It’s perfect for you.

Check out the video here.

Sloth from goonies is out, Sixers need 1 more win to advance.

Big time game tonight heading into Chicago for game 5 for the Sixers. The Sixers now lead the series 3-1 but still have a lot of business to take care of. Vegas has tonight’s line set as 5 which tells me Chicago should take care of business tonight. However, with Joakim Noah AKA Sloth from Goonies is out again I think this is the Sixers game to lose. I’m expecting another nail biter out of tonight’s game.

What I, Joe Good AKA Jose Bueno would say to the Sixers tonight.

  1. Andre Iguodala please, please, please, please don’t shoot another 3 pointer. I don’t give a shit if you think you’re the leader of the team. Flex your muscles when you should. Play the Defense you can play and fucking sprint down the court on break aways and jump through the roof. Rebound the damn basketball and give it up. The Rock also has something to say to you.
  2. Spencer Hawes keep drinking that Kool Aid because that “Michael’s Secret Stuff” sure is working for you. With Joakim Noah out you have been producing. Get the ball, go up strong and put your balls in someones mouth.
  3. Lou, Jrue and Evan Turner ET. The Team revolves around you 3. When your on the team moves. Evan, don’t force a god damn shot. If you don’t have one kick it out to Jrue or Lou. Get the ball, drive the lane and get to the free throw line and good things will happen.

If the Sixers lose tonight it brings the series to 3-2 still in Philadelphia’s favor sets up for a game 6 in Philadelphia. This is the Sixers series to lose however this isn’t Sixders Coach Doug Collins first rodeo. Coach Collins said “You can’t go in thinking we have three games to win one. That would be very bad psychology, We need to go to Chicago with the idea that we want to finish the series.”  I look for Coach Collins to have these guys ready for tonight. Let’s get it now.

A New Nightmare

Author: Sean Ryan a.k.a. Listen Up (friend of Joe Good’s)

Hello All,

This is the very first time I’ve written a blog but surely not the first time I’ve written anything.  No, I’m not new to this.  In fact, writing is my expertise along with many other crafts such as superior knowledge of ALL sports ranging from leagues as simple as the MGA (Mini Golfers Association), NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB in no particular order and as extreme as the HSA (Hacky Sacking Association…their 33rd annual world foot bag competition will be held on July 29th to August 4th in Warsaw Poland…ok I lied I knew nothing about it I just googled hacky sack world championships 2012 and that’s the first thing that came up…funny thing about the search was the fourth article down read…”World champion hacky sack player accused of sexually assaulting…” and the three dots at the end where the headline leaves off is perfect as you’re now wondering about the story and thinking to yourself…”Damn even hacky sack players are assaulting chicks”…only problem with that is…they don’t have the money like Kobe to go buy a 4 million dollar ring made of precious rare gems to give to their wife when they find out about it and it doesn’t work when they say to them…”Sorry hunny…I messed up…I bought this for you to show you how much I love you and I’m sorry”…instead they’re just screwed and divorced…maybe lose half their hacky sacks…meanwhile I’m thinking…”damn…that’s gotta go down in the record books under the category of…”The Most Expensive Make Up Gift Ever Purchased In The History Of Pro Athletes Assaulting Other Chicks Behind Their Wives Backs”…right then I remember though and think to myself…”nevermind…forgot all about Tiger…clearly he is the winner as no one donates that much money to one person and doesn’t receive affection or love in return…impossible…hopefully Big Ben can learn a lesson from all these misfortunes because the third time could be the charm for him and he could climb in the record books…still ain’t getting close to Tiger no matter what he does…besides Tiger’s was a different kind of assault he never really beat his women he was just a lover not a fighter with plenty of consent from his ladies”…wow what a thought to myself huh, haha.  Yah…that’s me laughing out loud…lol…LOL.  You might be thinking…”why is he writing like this…he can’t write like this no one would want to read it or take it seriously just looking at it”?…but I can because I want to this is just my freestyle write.  I’m about to start writing all that grammar and proper writing crap that takes longer to write right now so Listen Up one last thing.  That’s why I like to call myself  “Listen Up”  because I like to say…”Listen Up”.  If you see  “Listen Up”  you’ll know it’s me.  On that note…Listen Up…

It’s 12:45AM and I’m still up thinking about the Flyers loss tonight and how it compares to the newest Nightmare on Elm Street movie…”A New Nightmare”.  Both the movie and the hockey series are horrible to watch and at times I think about turning them off.  Freddy Krueger reminds me of Marty Brodeur as he will never die he just keeps going.  In “A New Nightmare” there is a new set of characters based around Krueger but he still remains similar to the Devils who have a new set of players but Brodeur remains.  He haunts me.  The Flyers have only had 300 different goalies while Krueger has been in goal but he’s still there…guarding the fire place…I mean net.  At least the new set of characters doesn’t include one of the old ones…Scott Stevens.  Maybe there still could be hope to beat Krueger and climb out of the 3-1 deficit but we all know that Freddy never dies and he just keeps coming back.  I’m sick of watching the new movies where Krueger somehow always manages to come back and the Devils where Kreuger somehow manages to come back.    Listen up Flyers…we know we’re never going to kill Krueger we just need to beat him during this movie in three games…then they’ll come out with another movie next season that we won’t want to watch where Krueger…I mean Brodeur…will be back again.  It’s like a reoccurring nightmare…A New Nightmare… that just never seems to end.