Get him to the Center!

Today I was listening to the Mike Missanelli show and he had on the Philadelphia 76ers CEO Adam Aron. I’m a huge fan of Adam Aron, he has brought a lot to the table with new ownership and is very interactive with us fans. While he was on the Mike Missanelli show, which is a Philadelphia sports talk radio station on 97.5 FM, he said that Allen Iverson could potentially be in the building. He didn’t promise anything, but he said its in the works and he is hopeful for it. Aron went on to say he spoke with Iverson yesterday talking about how much the city of Philadelphia loved him and would love to see him at the game tonight. Iverson said to Aron that he would do his best to be there and had other priorities before coming to Philly. If all goes well and he has no flight delays Iverson will grace Philadelphia with his presence and give the game ball to the refs before tip-off. Mr. Mike Missanelli went on asking how much money Aron was paying Iverson to come here for all of this assuming he was getting a pretty nice pay-day. Aron said that Iverson is doing it for no cost. No cost? yea right.

Mikey Miss asked if they were taking care of him and if he had any other members of his notorious posse invited. Turns out Iverson will have 25+ in his posse. All of who will be taken care of with tickets to the game, hotel stay and most of them having their air flight ticket paid for. Aron will cover all of this, and also his tab at the hotel bar which God only knows what that will sky-rocket up to. Free, im not quite sure about that.

Hearing all of this, which you can stream on, made me laugh about how he was going to make his way to the City of Brotherly Love. Could you imagine with that tight schedule, rushing Iverson and his posse t0 Philly. All it made me think about was Get Him to the Greek. It has to be as equally chaotic getting Iverson with his posse as it was in the movie, just different personalities. I would love to be the guy hired to make sure Iverson and crew made it their on time, who knows what goes on with those guys.  I’m excited to see Iverson in the building tonight, assuming everything “goes as planned.” Let’s hope Iverson is the Answer for the Sixers to get this win tonight… See what I did there.

Game 6 is set for tonight in Philadelphia on ESPN at 8:00 PM Eastern. Celtics lead the series 3-2.