The right thing said by the wrong person.

After last nights sorry excuse for a basketball game, the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics 101-85. The 76ers had the lead pretty much all through out the first half. Then, just like what we have seen in recent games, they blew the lead. With this team it’s like clock work. They don’t have the guy to go to when shit needs to get done. They have their 4 scorers who on any given night could drop 20 but God knows who it will be before tip-off. Anyways, let’s get down to business.

After last night’s game reports came out saying that Elton Brand, yes Old Man Brand, As he walked to his post game interview, Elton Brand told the Celtics ball boys in the hallway outside the locker rooms ”See you on Saturday.” I love this. I love everything about this. Everything except the fact it was said by Elton Brand. If Evan Turner or Iggy said this I would be hype. The fact that Elton Brand said it makes me shake my head. He finally shows up for a game and decides it’s an appropriate time to say this? I want that swag in my young guns, not my 33-year-old 13 year vet. I like that he’s fired up and I hope that we do see them Saturday. I’m glad someone said something and is fired up. I’m just bitter it was Brand who said it rather than Turner, the guy I want to be vocal and smack talking. Maybe im out of line and should just be happy any Sixer said something. I just want to see and hear more out of our young players, our future, not the guy we cant wait to get rid of to free up cap space.


Sixers take game 2 in Beantown. Garnett thinks hes a Linebacker.

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Boston Celtics 82-81. It wasnt pretty. Actually the game was hideous, but YOUR Philadelphia 76ers pulled it off. They showed me they can finish games unlike what they showed in-game 1 of the series. This win ties the series at 1-1. Makes you wish you had game 1 back, but how terrible we played in that game and then took game 2 I know the Celtics are nervous. The 2 plays that stick out in my mind that turned out to be crucial were Lavoy Allens banker and Evan Turners crazy lay-up. Both shots took place in the 4th quarter when points were needed the most. The Sixers only won by 1 point, what helped them out big time was hitting their free-throws at the end of the game. Evan Turner, Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks nailed all of their free-throws, going 6-6 in the remaining 12 seconds of play in the game. (See picture of final 12 seconds of scoring.)

The most controversial call of the game was the Kevin Garnett offensive foul on what would have been the last possession of the game. KG, trying to set a pick looked more like he was shedding a block like a linebacker. (See illegal screen here) The only reason this was controversial is because of the timing of the foul. If this play was a no call and the Celtics hit that bucket and won in overtime you would be hearing Sixer fans bitching about the no call. The refs are put in a catch 22 situation, damned if you do damned if you don’t. They got the call right but from a lot of the former players your hearing them say “Let them play”. When Boston’s head coach Doc Rivers was asked what he thought of the call he was quoted saying “I wasnt fond of it.”. No shit Doc.

Series tied at 1 game a piece. Next 2 games are in Philadelphia. Boston is old and has no legs. Philadelphia can run, lets just hope they can finish. Show your luv Philadelphia. Passionate. Intense. Proud. Your Philadelphia 76ers are here and their not going anywhere.

Sloth from goonies is out, Sixers need 1 more win to advance.

Big time game tonight heading into Chicago for game 5 for the Sixers. The Sixers now lead the series 3-1 but still have a lot of business to take care of. Vegas has tonight’s line set as 5 which tells me Chicago should take care of business tonight. However, with Joakim Noah AKA Sloth from Goonies is out again I think this is the Sixers game to lose. I’m expecting another nail biter out of tonight’s game.

What I, Joe Good AKA Jose Bueno would say to the Sixers tonight.

  1. Andre Iguodala please, please, please, please don’t shoot another 3 pointer. I don’t give a shit if you think you’re the leader of the team. Flex your muscles when you should. Play the Defense you can play and fucking sprint down the court on break aways and jump through the roof. Rebound the damn basketball and give it up. The Rock also has something to say to you.
  2. Spencer Hawes keep drinking that Kool Aid because that “Michael’s Secret Stuff” sure is working for you. With Joakim Noah out you have been producing. Get the ball, go up strong and put your balls in someones mouth.
  3. Lou, Jrue and Evan Turner ET. The Team revolves around you 3. When your on the team moves. Evan, don’t force a god damn shot. If you don’t have one kick it out to Jrue or Lou. Get the ball, drive the lane and get to the free throw line and good things will happen.

If the Sixers lose tonight it brings the series to 3-2 still in Philadelphia’s favor sets up for a game 6 in Philadelphia. This is the Sixers series to lose however this isn’t Sixders Coach Doug Collins first rodeo. Coach Collins said “You can’t go in thinking we have three games to win one. That would be very bad psychology, We need to go to Chicago with the idea that we want to finish the series.”  I look for Coach Collins to have these guys ready for tonight. Let’s get it now.

Giddy up Sixers!


I know I shouldnt be as excited about the Sixers as I am, but fuck it! LETS GO SIXERS! Let’s see what ET (Evan Turner) can bring to the table tonight. I got high hopes Philadelphia, high hopes.

So your tellin me there’s a chance: 76er’s addition.

After yesterday’s 109-92 Philadelphia 76ers victory over the Chicago bulls I started thinking. Then I got a stiffy. Is it at all possible, that the team that I thought could maybe win 1 game this series win it? I’m starting to believe it is.

Obviously, I wouldn’t even think twice about posting this if Rose was still around. Now with the unfortunate injury which put the reigning MVP out for the remainder of the year I think that Philly could pull this off. The Sixers have played a total of 5 games against the Bulls this year counting the Playoffs. In those 5 games the Bulls lead that series 3-2. With the Playoff series now tied at 1-1 and the next 2 games in Philadelphia I wouldn’t be shocked to see the series tied at 2-2, which is fantastic. The Chicago Bulls are still a very good team without Rose, but they are beatable, the Sixers have proven this already.

The Sixers have to play great basketball, much like we saw in game 2. The Sixers are at their best when they are rebounding the ball and Jrue Holliday and Evan Turner run the offense as smoothly as they did. For the first time it seemed they complimented each other. As for Andre Iguodala (who has a basketball tattoo that looks like a 5-year-old scribbled on) don’t be a bitch, know your god damn roll and dominate on the defensive side and score on your break aways like you can. If the Sixers can play like they did in game 2, forgetaboutit.

So all I’m saying is this, It’s an exciting time in Philadelphia sports and the Sixers have the ability to make a lot of noise. It is very possible to win this round and if they advance they would play the winners of the Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics series, also two teams I feel that we can contend with and take a series from. Obviously that series would be our NBA finals. After that it’s time for El Heat. Let’s not get carried away here.

This Bulls series is now all of a sudden something to be excited for. A week ago I wrote the Sixers off; today I’m telling you we have a shot at something here, a small something. So be excited! Your mediocre Philadelphia 76ers have a shot to win a series and make some noise in the NBA Playoffs. Who knows, maybe Lebron will bump heads with Wade and Bosh all at once. You Never Know YNK in sports, thats what makes them fucking fantastic.