Shady sign’s an extension with the Bird’s!

Philadelphia Eagles and LeSean McCoy have agreed to a 5 year extension through 2017 for 45M with over 20M guaranteed. Great news for the Birds! Eagles head coach Andy “Ham Sandwich” Reid had recently said they plan on giving McCoy less touches this year because they feel they overloaded him last year. Get the ball in his damn hands and lets take the division. I look for Reid to give him more receptions if he’s getting less carries this year. Either way its exciting to know we have a top 3 running back in Philadelphia for at least the next 5 years.


Jason Peters too fat, re ruptures his Achilles.

Reports came out today that Jason Peters, the Philadelphia Eagles best Offensive Lineman, re ruptured his Achilles again using a Roll-A-Bout. According to Derrick Gunn while Peters was using his Roll-A-Bout it failed on him which caused him to re rupture it.

According to a league source, Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon again after the Roll-A-Bout he was using malfunctioned. Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen when the device broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles.The five-time Pro Bowler needed a second surgery, and his recovery was set back three weeks. He is going to sue the manufacturer of the device.

I’m not to sure how much weight a Roll-A-Bout can handle, but a 350+ lb man rolling back a forth on it can’t be ingredients for success. Someone like that needs to put on a moo moo and sit his ass on the couch until it is healed. Peters says he will take legal action and sue after this incident. Let’s hope in the future he puts the moo moo’s on and stops trying to get around in a Roll-A-Bout.

Eli Manning fits in perfect in New York now, turns out hes a tranny.

Holy fuck. I knew it! Eli Manning is a god damn tranny.

Ok, really he was on SNL March 5th and just so happened to look a little to comfortable dressed like a women. Eli im sorry you don’t fit in  the category of the famous ones who pulled off dressing like a women. You Fit in the category of men who just like dressing like women.

People who pulled off dressing like women.

  1. Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire
  2. Martin Lawrence – Big Mammas House
  3. Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future 2
  4. Eddie Murphy – Every Movie…

People who didn’t pull it off and just looked like a Tranny.

  1. Tyler Perry – Madea goes “wherever it is at the time she went”
  2. John Travolta – Hair Spray
  3. Adam Sandler – Jack and Jill
  4. Eli Manning – SNL

So congratulations, you won a super bowl and now wear women underwear. Also, we found out not only is your big brother a better QB then you but also he is 10x better at SNL then you. Maybe this is just me being an angry Eagles fan writing this. I thought about it and realized your just a Tranny. A tranny who plays for the Giants. Enjoy New York. It’s perfect for you.

Check out the video here.

I’m immature, and I love Cox.

I realized this as soon as the Eagles drafted Feltcher Cox, But I just can’t help but to be excited about hearing Merrill Reese use the word Cox for hopefully the next 10 years. Personally its hard for me to listen to an Eagles game without Merrill on. With his passion for the eagles and the way he screams about big plays I look forward to his Cox comments, especially against players all of us Eagle fans learned to hate over the years.

Cox just smothered Romo blasting through the middle, that was a DANDY.

Cox has been penetrating through the Ginas (Giants) line  all day.

Cox absolutely leveled Eli on that head to head collision.

Cox is really having his way with New York right now.

Cox lays the wood on Romo.

And so on and so on. You get the picture. These were pretty lame examples but I know there’s better ones out there and I want to hear them. Now I just can’t wait for the season to start so I can hear Merrill use the name Cox…

haha he said Cox.

Eagles trade up to pick 12, draft Fletcher Cox.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded their 15th pick to the Seattle Seahawks for their 12th overall pick. Philadelphia gave up their 15th overall, a 4th and 6th round pick to move up.

First off, I just want to thank the Kansas City Chiefs for drafting Dontari Poe (who was just a combine hero and had below average film out there in a below average conference) and leaving the best overall DT on the board for the Birds. With that 12th overall pick the Eagles drafted Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State. Fletcher Cox is an animal who produced in the most dominant conference in college, the SEC. Fletcher Cox adds depth the Eagles defensive line and is absolutely a player to be excited about. This isn’t like the pick where we traded up to take Brandon Graham, and had a lot of us asking questions. Fletcher Cox was the right pick. I see him being an impacted and causing havoc right away. Andy, your next cheesesteak is on me.

Asante to the dirty dirty.

The Atlanta Falcons have acquired former Eagles CB Asante Samuel for a 7th round draft pick. It seemed for every great play Asante had with the Birds it would be followed by a bone headed mistake. Whether it was missing an open field tackle or biting on a route and getting beat deep. With Asante you took the good with the bad, but I am more than confident with our other 2 CB’s. This means the Eagles will roll with Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie full time at the CB position. The Ealges match up with the Falcons on October 28th which is week 8 of the schedule. Assuming Michael Vick stays healthy and plays that week, it should make for an interesting game.

Andy, stop eating and draft.

The 2012 NFL Draft will begin Thursday, April 26th at 8:00PM ET. This should be an interesting year for Philadelphia Eagles sitting at pick 15 come draft day. I think that there is no chance the Eagles decide to go with an offensive player in Round 1, but knowing how terrible Andy Reid and the Eagles front office is on this day, God only knows. The 3 positions that I see the Eagles pushing for are LB, S and DT. With the Eagles replacing Jason Peters (who is on the IR due to a ruptured achilles) with Demetrius Bell I really don’t see a first round need for them on the offensive side.

Philadelphia Also filled their LB position this off season picking up Demeco Ryans from the Houston Texans. Assuming Demeco Ryans stays healthy all year, he will finally be that missing piece that hasn’t been filled in the LB position since Jeremiah Trotter. Even though the Eagles picked up Ryans there is still more need at the LB position.

The Eagles number 1 need on Defense right now is Saftey. Since the departure of Brian Dawkins the Eagles have had trouble filling that position. Barring injury, Nate Allen has filled in ok at the Safety position but there is still need for depth and a game changer.

Finally, the Defensive Tackle position needs some depth. In the past the Philadelphia Eagles loved filling up their middle with undersized tackles. Luckily this year there is a lot of size so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that. Going into this draft there is plenty of depth at the defensive tackle position.

Below is a list of players that I would be happy with snagging up in round 1.

Mark Barron, S from Alabama– A run stopping Safety with great hands and reaction skills which often puts him in position to make the big play. Against the run, Barron is a cannon ball blowing up plays in the 2nd level. He can also track down speedy receivers against the pass.

Luke Kuechly, ILB from Boston College– It’s been years since the NFL has seen a LB come out of college as ready as Kuechly is. With the basic instincts and knowledge of the game Kuechly could be an impact player right away. Kuechlys ability to shed blockers and keeping himself free to the ball is one of his strengths. With his speed and awareness of the ball it makes him capable of covering the more athletic TE’s we have been seeing rise in the NFL.

Fletcher Cox, DT from Mississippi State– Cox is an athletic player who somehow always finds his way making plays on the other side of the line-of-scrimmage. Cox is known for this speed off of the ball which allows him to make first impact on the Offensive Lineman and  puts him in position to blow up plays in the back field. The way Cox uses his hands allows separation from the O-Line and gives him free will to use his speed to track down the ball carrier. The potential for Cox is through the roof which is why he is being eyed early in the draft.

Dontari Poe, DT from Memphis– Dontari Poe is a freakishly athletic enormous man. At the combine the 6’3 346LBS turned heads with his performance. Bench pressing 225LBS 44 times (which is a combine record) and running his 40 yard dash in 4.98 seconds there is no doubt he has the athletic ability for the next level. Due to Poes strength and speed it brings on the double team often. Other then the fact he played his career at Memphis against medicore college ball, he is everything you want in a prospect entering the draft.

And finally,

Michael Brockers, DT from LSU– Brockers is another one of those monster Defensive Tackles entering the draft. Great ability to handle the double teams and gets a lot of the Offensive Lines attention. His tree trunk legs and long arms give him the ability to out leverage his opponents. He has a nose for the ball and always seems to be in the mix of things.

Whether the Eagles have to jump up the board to grab one of these guys or one of them drops and they are just sitting in their lap this is what we need. None of these picks are considered “sexy” but I see each one impacting the defense from the start. Andy Reids track record tells us this won’t happen but his ass is on the hot seat. Do the right thing Reid, your job depends on it.