Brian Dawkins hangs em up.

38-year-old Brian Dawkins announced his retirement today after 16 seasons in the NFL. 13 of those seasons were with the Philadelphia Eagles where he was the heart and soul of the team and 3 seasons with the Denver Broncos. Dawkins made the Pro Bowl 9 of those years and also had the honor of being on the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team. Dawkins was everything you wanted in a player. On the field he was an animal. Nicknamed Weapon X; the hard-hitting Safety sacrificed his body day in and day out. The impact Dawkins left in the NFL is obvious. The passion he has for the game is the same kind of passion the fans showed to support him.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it’s a sad day. Dawkins is everything we want in a player. Dawkins is exiting the game today leaving behind a legacy all Philadelphia Eagle fans will always remember. They always say Philadelphia is tough to play for. There will always be those stories out there that will never end. You know, like we threw snowballs at Santa, we booed Donavan McNabb on draft day, we cheered when Michael Irvin got carted off the field yadda yadda yadda. The list goes on and on. All I can say to you is play like Dawkins did. Be as passionate as Dawkins was. Be as productive as Dawkins was. Show emotion like Dawkins did. Ask Dawkins how his time was in Philadelphia. I guarantee you his response will be different than Mike Mamulas and Jerome Mcdougles.