Chase Utley Plays in Extended Spring Training Game.

Chase Utley played in his first baseball game since last season this afternoon. The Philadelphia Phillies played the New York Yankees in this spring game where Chase Utley went 3-4 with a home run, a double and a single. Even though this is just a spring training game its great news. Let’s hope he can get his ass to Philadelphia so we can have a 2nd baseman in our lineup who hits over .240. Slow and steady Chase, were ready when you are.


Some New York Gina news.


So I go on Yahoo! today and the first thing I see is Hall of Famer (And in my opinion the best LB to play the game, sorry Eagles fans.) Lawrence Taylor sold his Super Bowl XXV ring. According to the Yahoo! LT’s son TJ put his ring up for auction without him knowing. Once LT found out he was ok with it which is odd to me. Anyways, the bigger news is not that the ring was up for auction but the person who actually bought the ring. The winner? Charlie Sheen himself, WINNING or was it biwinning? Must be his tiger blood. Got I hope this transaction goes down in person. The price of Sheens winning bid was apparently $230k, or in LT and Sheens terms a couple of kilos and hookers.

To finish of the Ginas news reports came out today saying that WR Hakeem Nicks from the New York Giants broke his foot today at OTA’s running routes during individual drills. If all goes as planned he will be out of commission for 3 months. Nicks is scheduled to have surgery Friday where they will have to insert a screw into his bone. Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, N.C., a foot and ankle specialist will be doing the procedure.

Get him to the Center!

Today I was listening to the Mike Missanelli show and he had on the Philadelphia 76ers CEO Adam Aron. I’m a huge fan of Adam Aron, he has brought a lot to the table with new ownership and is very interactive with us fans. While he was on the Mike Missanelli show, which is a Philadelphia sports talk radio station on 97.5 FM, he said that Allen Iverson could potentially be in the building. He didn’t promise anything, but he said its in the works and he is hopeful for it. Aron went on to say he spoke with Iverson yesterday talking about how much the city of Philadelphia loved him and would love to see him at the game tonight. Iverson said to Aron that he would do his best to be there and had other priorities before coming to Philly. If all goes well and he has no flight delays Iverson will grace Philadelphia with his presence and give the game ball to the refs before tip-off. Mr. Mike Missanelli went on asking how much money Aron was paying Iverson to come here for all of this assuming he was getting a pretty nice pay-day. Aron said that Iverson is doing it for no cost. No cost? yea right.

Mikey Miss asked if they were taking care of him and if he had any other members of his notorious posse invited. Turns out Iverson will have 25+ in his posse. All of who will be taken care of with tickets to the game, hotel stay and most of them having their air flight ticket paid for. Aron will cover all of this, and also his tab at the hotel bar which God only knows what that will sky-rocket up to. Free, im not quite sure about that.

Hearing all of this, which you can stream on, made me laugh about how he was going to make his way to the City of Brotherly Love. Could you imagine with that tight schedule, rushing Iverson and his posse t0 Philly. All it made me think about was Get Him to the Greek. It has to be as equally chaotic getting Iverson with his posse as it was in the movie, just different personalities. I would love to be the guy hired to make sure Iverson and crew made it their on time, who knows what goes on with those guys.  I’m excited to see Iverson in the building tonight, assuming everything “goes as planned.” Let’s hope Iverson is the Answer for the Sixers to get this win tonight… See what I did there.

Game 6 is set for tonight in Philadelphia on ESPN at 8:00 PM Eastern. Celtics lead the series 3-2.


The right thing said by the wrong person.

After last nights sorry excuse for a basketball game, the Philadelphia 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics 101-85. The 76ers had the lead pretty much all through out the first half. Then, just like what we have seen in recent games, they blew the lead. With this team it’s like clock work. They don’t have the guy to go to when shit needs to get done. They have their 4 scorers who on any given night could drop 20 but God knows who it will be before tip-off. Anyways, let’s get down to business.

After last night’s game reports came out saying that Elton Brand, yes Old Man Brand, As he walked to his post game interview, Elton Brand told the Celtics ball boys in the hallway outside the locker rooms ”See you on Saturday.” I love this. I love everything about this. Everything except the fact it was said by Elton Brand. If Evan Turner or Iggy said this I would be hype. The fact that Elton Brand said it makes me shake my head. He finally shows up for a game and decides it’s an appropriate time to say this? I want that swag in my young guns, not my 33-year-old 13 year vet. I like that he’s fired up and I hope that we do see them Saturday. I’m glad someone said something and is fired up. I’m just bitter it was Brand who said it rather than Turner, the guy I want to be vocal and smack talking. Maybe im out of line and should just be happy any Sixer said something. I just want to see and hear more out of our young players, our future, not the guy we cant wait to get rid of to free up cap space.

Shady sign’s an extension with the Bird’s!

Philadelphia Eagles and LeSean McCoy have agreed to a 5 year extension through 2017 for 45M with over 20M guaranteed. Great news for the Birds! Eagles head coach Andy “Ham Sandwich” Reid had recently said they plan on giving McCoy less touches this year because they feel they overloaded him last year. Get the ball in his damn hands and lets take the division. I look for Reid to give him more receptions if he’s getting less carries this year. Either way its exciting to know we have a top 3 running back in Philadelphia for at least the next 5 years.

Two Phillie players who deserve to square away on their teammates.

The Philadelphia Phillies are obviously off to a slow start right now. It’s been ugly, I mean real ugly. It’s obvious not having Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the lineup is hurting us. However, this team still has to find a way to stay in the race until we get our studs back, and then even when they do come back hope that they are ready to jump into the fire. Even with the slow start the Phillies still have a 19-19 record and only 4.5 games back. All this being said, there are 2 Phillies that should be able to kick the rest of the team in the dick. The only 2 Phillies that have been producing with not much to show for.

  1. Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz- I decided to take Joe Blantons “Man With The Golden Dick Award” away and give it to Chooch. Choochs defense is obvious, and at this point almost expected. That’s why he has this job in Philly. Any offense you got from Chooch in the past was icing on the cake, but Chooch said fuck that. Chooch has been a stud at the plate. He’s batting .343, he has 7 dingers which already surpassed last year’s total of 6, he’s recorded 24 RBI’s where last year he had a total of 40 and his OBP is .388. Chooch has been carrying this offense single handedly. Chooch has my permission to kick everyone else in their dick, except….
  2. Cliff Lee- How does a starting pitcher that is considered one of the best in the league with 0 wins this season make my list you ask me? Well listen up. Cliff has pitched in 5 games so far this year, missing some due to an injury. However, with 0 wins his ERA is at 1.95, his WHIP is .76. and recording 24 K’s and only 4 BB. He’s been dominate on the mound. He lost a god-damn game 0-1 for God’s sake. He has had no offense to back him up with the obvious exception of CHOOOOOOCH.

To be quite honest the only other Phillies I thought about putting on this list was Joe Blanton and Cole Hammels. Both have been fantastic. So maybe this is just my biased opinion, but when your killing the ball but nobody is on base and your pitching a gem but nobody is scoring for you that has to be frustrating. Chooch and Cliff, things will turn around. It’s just a matter of time before you get your best friends back in Utley and Howard. Just hang in there, hold on tight and keep at it. As for the rest of you Phillies, close your eyes, spread your legs and brace yourself. You have 2 kicks the dick coming your way.


Jason Peters too fat, re ruptures his Achilles.

Reports came out today that Jason Peters, the Philadelphia Eagles best Offensive Lineman, re ruptured his Achilles again using a Roll-A-Bout. According to Derrick Gunn while Peters was using his Roll-A-Bout it failed on him which caused him to re rupture it.

According to a league source, Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon again after the Roll-A-Bout he was using malfunctioned. Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen when the device broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles.The five-time Pro Bowler needed a second surgery, and his recovery was set back three weeks. He is going to sue the manufacturer of the device.

I’m not to sure how much weight a Roll-A-Bout can handle, but a 350+ lb man rolling back a forth on it can’t be ingredients for success. Someone like that needs to put on a moo moo and sit his ass on the couch until it is healed. Peters says he will take legal action and sue after this incident. Let’s hope in the future he puts the moo moo’s on and stops trying to get around in a Roll-A-Bout.